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Tracey Anderson Askew

Tracey Anderson Askew

My greatest achievement - Mother of Four Sons

For many years I worked in the community as a Childbirth educator and Birth Support Person, providing programs to prepare people for the experience of having their babies and becoming parents. Whilst I was aware that the information and experiences I provided were of great benefit to the couples, I was acutely aware that information and preparation would most certainly go out the window, when the big day arrives, as the people who were most likely to influence the birthing couple were the care givers on the day – and their ideas, belief systems and practices were as varied as the people that attended my classes. As they walked out the door I would silently cross my fingers and hope for the very best for them, myself wondering if I has set up any unrealistic expectations, or ideas that would prove useless to them on the day. I became quite disillusioned and was almost prepared to give up on my passion for supporting couples through the doorway to parenthood, when I came across Peter Jackson’s program Calmbirth ®.

I enrolled in Peter's very first calmbirth® practitioner training program February 2006. I now support Peter in the training of Facilitators and run calmbirth® programs in the Canberra region full time. Calmbirth® provided me with the understanding of how to empower couples to completely know and trust the process of birth. Calmbirth® has become my passion in supporting babies and families to be born joyfully and calmly.

I absolutely love what I do, as I watch people change from being anxious and fearful about having their baby, to excited. What we learn in Calmbirth ® translates into any aspect of life, particularly the journey of parenting. Both men and women benefit enormously from the experience.


What People Have said about Tracey - Anonymous On line Evaluations from calmbirth®

  • Tracey was an excellent presenter and facilitator and was able to cover a wide range of material in an informative and interesting way. She was also very good at managing group dynamics and we felt comfortable, respected and supported throughout the course.
  • Tracey was gentle and sensitive and I appreciated our phone chats after the course before our baby was born.
  • Tracey was amazing, the strength and self confidence that we gained from her has been incredible and we can't be grateful enough for this. We intend to see her again when it's time for our next baby.
  • Well done Tracey - you have a calling and a gift - keep up the fabulous work!
  • Tracey was very good. She was very likeable and her passion for the subject was fantastic.
  • Tracey does such an awesome job. It is easy to see how passionate she is about assisting expectant parents to have the best birth experience possible and I can't thank her enough for her support when I had questions and concerns. Thank you again Tracey!
  • Tracey, we can not thank you enough for the guidance you have given us before Finn and Harper's births. We look back on both birth experiences with pride and amazement and I don't think that would have been possible without your support and wisdom.
  • Tracey, thank you so much for being sensitive to our situation and helping me gain the confidence to face my anxieties about the labour and birth and helping me to be a more confident mother.
  • Thank you so much Tracey for helping us give Seth the most wonderful birthday ever and showing me how easy it truly is to feel love at first and every sight with my little boy.
  • Thanks Tracey for everything that you enabled us to do. You have made a real impact on our lives and we are most grateful. You should be proud of how many parents you have helped and children you have helped guide into this world.
  • The course was presented beautifully and Tracey was lovely and I could tell she genuinely cares about her clients and believes in what she does. She was a big inspiration for me.
  • We'll definitely be back, it gave us heaps of confidence going forward and although our birth was not as picture perfect as we would have liked, we just 'let it unfold', trusted ourselves and our midwife and have a gorgeous happy baby girl who's very very good to us.
  • Tracey was brilliant - and part of what made the experience so great. She is very polished and confident. We both loved the program and got a lot out of it. If I have another baby I would do Calmbirth again. Our midwife was most impressed at our labour without drugs with a posterior baby.
  • Tracey did a fantastic job!! She was incredibly engaging and I used her "velvet vagina" in my visualisations!!
  • Tracey was fantastic. My husband was very sceptical about attending the course, but by halfway through the first morning he was totally won over!
  • Tracey is able to transmit a real sense of calm and awe about the magical experience of birth - Thank You
  • Just wanted to say thank you for supporting us to have a wonderful birth experience. There is so much negative information and talk about birthing. While I was pregnant people kept on asking me what pain relief I was going to use. When I said I wasn't planning to use anything, people would "warn" me that I shouldn't aim to high in terms of achieving a natural birth and one person even told me that I shouldn't wait too long to request an epidural because it could be too late. Calmbirth is the only thing I came across that truly challenged the way this society thinks about birth.
  • Superbly run by Tracey - very engaging and made everyone feel at ease. Gave me confidence to trust in my body for the birth.
  • We thought Tracey was amazing - she was very genuine, patient and caring. We have already recommended calmbirth and Tracey to friends who are also really enjoying the course.
  • Tracey did a fantastic job! Thanks a million for creating a supportive, safe environment during calmbirth classes. They were interesting, fun & enjoyable, and easy to understand and practice. Thanks also for your ongoing support beyond the birth through the mother and baby yoga. Calmbirth has been the start of our journey and will be useful for years to come... not just for birth.
  • Tracey has a lovely manner and knows how to engage the participants in the class. The follow-up she provided after the course was really useful without being intrusive - it was great to be able to have a chat to her about any fears/concerns that had come up in the weeks between doing the course and leading up to the birth, it was also great to de-brief with her afterwards- I felt that she really listened to what I had to say and was genuinely interested. She does a great job of reaffirming a woman’s personal power.
  • Thank you Tracey - I never thought I'd go into birth fearless, and despite my fears and remaining anxieties after Calmbirth, on the day I just "went with the flow", despite the added stress of going into labour with a premature baby. I only had gas after I'd dilated to 10cm, and only because I was convinced it would get more painful. It didn't. The calmbreathing got me through.
  • Tracey, you are fantastic and My Partner and I are overwhelmed by the support, care and friendship you have given us, on all levels. Not only during the course but over the phone many times and in many other ways. We think you are the BEST and we are just so lucky to have been able to meet you and attend your course.
  • Tracey was really engaging from the beginning phone call - she was flexible and fitted us in, despite the fact that we had left it so late into our pregnancy. She was generous with her time and her expertise and genuinely cares about her work (and therefore our babies and us). The motherhood book was also very generous and fits perfectly with the techniques taught in calm birth - it will make a big difference to how I perceive motherhood, especially in the next couple of months. Thank you so much.
  • Tracey was a tremendous support before and after the birth of our son. She always demonstrated warmth and care towards us and our birth preparations. Tracey is passionate about Calmbirth and always made us feel like having a positive and calm birth was achievable. Thank you once again Tracey!!!!!


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