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"Dear Tracey


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know we had our daughter Anastassia (Ana) on Saturday 25th October 4.06kg, 52cm at 12:30 am (1 hour after we arrived at the birthing centre (total labouring time of 6.5 hours). She was due on the 10th of October but came 15 days later spontaneously.

We had an amazing water birth, where the breathing I learnt during pre-natal yoga classes and calmbirth(r) principles were used to help breath my baby down and out. I felt little to no gain during the second stage of the labour where I was able to push Ana out during three consecutive contractions, one after another. It was an amazing experience.

Amber, mother to Finn and Harper

When I entered the second trimester of my second pregnancy I casually mentioned to my husband that I would like to attend a Calmbirth course. A perplexed look came over his face, one that said "Hey wait a minute, we did that course for our last pregnancy didn’t we?"  It’s true, we did. We attended our first Calmbirth course in our first pregnancy as a way to address the strong fears I had regarding pain. Quite simply this course was the catalyst for my husband and I seeing birth as a natural process, one to prepare for and look towards with excitement and confidence, rather than fear or denial. We went on to have a positive and empowering 8 hour labour which I attribute to the knowledge and skills we gained in the Calmbirth course.

Anna, Preschool Director, aged 42

"I was pregnant with my first child at 40. My fears were that I might be too old to have a natural childbirth and that my scoliosis may be an issue. However, my doctor assured me age was not a concern and my spine never felt better (thanks to those pregnancy hormones).


I prepared myself physically by continuing with my daily yoga practice, walking and other gentle exercise. I prepared myself mentally by learning as much as I could about pregnancy and birth and through using creative visualisation, affirmations and having a positive attitude towards the birth.

Dana and Steven

"Hi Tracey, just wanted to let you know that we had our beautiful baby boy, Nathanael (Nate) at 9.22pm last night.  We ended up with a wonderful water birth, which wasn't planned, but it totally worked.  Steven sent a text to friends today, saying that it was a beautiful, calm, inspirational labour.


Bec, my midwife also couldn't seem happier - she said that it was these kind of births that restore her faith in women and our abilities (she had 3 c-sections earlier this week).  She told me that we had done such an amazing job and that I had just breathed my way through the entire thing.

Jane, Mum/naturopathic herbalist/freelance writer, aged 36

"When I became pregnant, I found that most of the available information seemed to centre on avoiding all the things that could go wrong either during the pregnancy or the birth. There were things it had never even occurred to me could be a problem - like eating cheese; or worse - some kind of problem with the baby I might not even be aware of. It was a time that should have been spent feeling loving and loved, and instead I was afraid of so many things. And at the end (beginning!) of it all there was the birth - how was I going to get through that?! I knew I wanted a natural birth.

Larissa, Tony and Alexander

Larissa, Public Servant, aged 31

"My name is Larissa I am 31 years old and am a public servant. My husband and I sought out Tracey’s Calmbirth ® workshop as I had an old hairdresser that had worked with Tracey and I was so impressed with her attitude towards the birth of her first child. I wanted to feel that confident too.

During my pregnancy with our first child, everything was so new and sometimes confusing I found there were always people willing to tell me their birth horror stories as if this was a rite of passage and I must dread it as much as they did. As this began to occur more and more as my pregnancy progressed the more concerned I became.

Leigh and Ranga

Ranga and I did the calmbirth weekend course in May.

Our beautiful son Poson was born on 7 June at the birth centre. The birth was a great success - I breathed my way through 11hrs of contractions (although I'd had intermittant contractions for the 24hrs leading up to the labour so I was quite tired). When I was 8cms Poson was quite far up the birthing canal and our midwife Tash suggested I sit with my legs apart trying to ease his way down. 3hrs later when she did the next VE I was 10cms and Poson was right at the end of the canal ready to come out! Stage 2 lasted 27minutes and Tash said I did a great job of breathing him down.

Matt, Kerry & Gemma

"Kerry went into Labour naturally at ~10pm Wednesday, we arrived at the John James hospital at 3am. With the calm birth Cd playing in the background we managed the surges/waves/contractions by walking & keeping moving in the delivery room with much swaying & focused deep breathing during the most intense periods. At ~6am Kerry’s legs were quite tired so she jumped into the bath & floated (entered a zone) until ~8:30am.

Meegan & Derek

Just wanted to say thanks for all the Calmbirth tips, they really paid off. My son Eden's birth was even better than my daughter Nova's.

I spent most of the labor at home riding the waves and focusing on my cervix opening like a flower. At times I was not even sure if I was in labor as the intensity of the waves varied from mild to strong. When the contractions were 7 minutes apart and I was a bit 'pushy' at the end of each one I called the midwife.  She said we should go to the birth centre.  A few more contractions while Derek finished putting Nova to bed, we threw the bags in the car and got to the Birth Centre at 10:10pm. I had few contractions standing up then got down on the matt on the floor and started pushing.  Eden was born at 10:44pm.  No drugs, no interventions and no tears, and that after having a second degree tear last time – this time only a slight graze.  Some of my first words after the birth were "I can't believe how easy that was!". We also noticed how aware Eden was as soon as he was born.  Eyes open and on the breast in the first half hour.

More Testimonials...

"I can't help thinking that all the preparation, listening to the CD's, visualising, reading (childbirth without fear) and positive thoughts and affirmations each day certainly made an amazing birth experience for me." Laura


"The Calmbirth program assisted me greatly with the birth of my first child, Holly. Calmbirth® helped me relax during the birth and the breathing techniques were instrumental, I feel, in making the birth quick and easy. I strongly recommend the program as it encourages women to listen to, and assist their bodies, to birth their babies." Jenny, 31, P/T Event Manager and mum

"I am so happy to say that Finn's birth was a wonderful and empowering experience. It was intense, fast and challenging but worth every second of it when Finn was placed on my chest. And you have a lot to do with that, so I thank you.

Thanks again for all your support Tracey." Amber


"Over the past few days, I've been thinking about what was my mental/emotional turning point during the pregnancy. I believe the Birth Rehersal on Calmbirth Disc 2 had the most influence on me. At first I would listen to it with very little visualisation but within a few weeks I began to construct my labour/birth in my mind. Each time, I would see it more clearly & began to 'feel' how I wanted it to feel. Emotionally, I was moving from being a 'IVF patient' to a woman about to birth her baby.

The birth of Kendall

"Hi Tracey,

Just wanting to let you know that we welcomed the early and safe arrival of our beautiful little boy, Kendall Jack (born 1.50pm, 2.7kg, 45cm length and HC 35cm).

As we discussed I was booked in for a CS due to me having placenta previa. We couldn't have asked for a more relaxed and calm birth with medical intervention. I practiced the calm breathing and visualisation everyday leading up to the elective CS. Even on the actual day I brought my MP3 player and listened to the calm breathe 1/2 before going into having our baby. While they were getting me ready for the CS I focused on my special place in nature and did the calm breathe. When it was time for me to have the spinal block I increased my deep breathing and went even deeper into myself. John told me later that the anesthic nurse made the comment to him that I would be a great case example for other women having a CS on how to remain relaxed during a spinal block.

Wendy, Murray and Ethan Emerton

Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift, I am sure I will get plenty of use out of it in teh coming, months, years and decades.

Ethan Scott Emerton was born on the Thursday 14, as you know. I had a relatively easy time at the birth. My water broke at 1pm on Wednesday so we went in to hospital for some antibiotics and to get checked out. I had had mild period like pains all day but they started to get serious at about 6pm. I was calm, confident and enthused about going into labour even though it was a bit early, and I can honestly say that my confidence came solely from having attended the calmbirth classes.