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Dana and Steven

"Hi Tracey, just wanted to let you know that we had our beautiful baby boy, Nathanael (Nate) at 9.22pm last night.  We ended up with a wonderful water birth, which wasn't planned, but it totally worked.  Steven sent a text to friends today, saying that it was a beautiful, calm, inspirational labour.


Bec, my midwife also couldn't seem happier - she said that it was these kind of births that restore her faith in women and our abilities (she had 3 c-sections earlier this week).  She told me that we had done such an amazing job and that I had just breathed my way through the entire thing.

Labour itself was pretty short, we went into the birth centre around 7.15pm after labour had established around 5.30pm. I was so worried that I had called my midwife in too early, but it turned out that I was 8cm dilated - and my waters hadn't yet broken (they did it in spectacular fashion about 20mins later).  It was exactly as I had visualised it - my waters protected my cervix and I had no back pain at all.


I had actually had contractions for most of the day on Saturday - they were irregular and other than when I has actually having them, we just pretty much carried on as usual for the day.  I became obsessed with timing them. They got as close as 5 mins apart, but then they just stopped. I went and had a rest and listened to Peter's track about the flower opening and was inspired by his words that said you cannot force a flower to open - you can yell at it, but it will make no difference.  I just let it go - had a little sleep and truly accepted that I it would happen when it was supposed to and not before.  No contractions for around 2 hours and then at 5.30pm they started and didn't stop.  I was totally rested and ready.  It was just amazing.

I didn't have my orgasmic experience as I was hoping (it is possible - our midwife saw it happen once during a labour) but I did have a completely sensual birth.  Steven was totally there for me and so was Bec.  I wouldn't describe any part of the first stage as painful - second stage really stung but as soon as I could feel Nate's head I just cried with joy and talked to him through the last stages.  We truly did it together - Steven, Bec, baby and me.

Thank you so much for helping us experience this joy - compared to my first 33 hour labour, I wouldn't have dreamed for a more perfect birth experience.

Nate was 3.7kg and is so far feeding amazingly (i know it hasn't been 24 hours yet).

Thanks Tracey"

Dana (and Steven)


Also - post script on the birth experience

"- when I visited the birth centre yesterday, my midwife introduced me to all of the other midwives as the woman that I have been telling you about - she said she has never seen anyone giggle and laugh just minutes before delivering their babies.  She also indicated that it was the first time that she had ever seen an entire head be birthed and then go back inside (she said it is quite common with the tops of heads, but his entire face and ear were out).  She said at the time she was worried that his shoulder may have been stuck, but as it turned out, I must have been so relaxed that my muscles were just cruising.

Again, thanks so much"


Dana (and Steven, who has been amazed at how calm I have been over the last few days).