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"Dear Tracey


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know we had our daughter Anastassia (Ana) on Saturday 25th October 4.06kg, 52cm at 12:30 am (1 hour after we arrived at the birthing centre (total labouring time of 6.5 hours). She was due on the 10th of October but came 15 days later spontaneously.

We had an amazing water birth, where the breathing I learnt during pre-natal yoga classes and calmbirth(r) principles were used to help breath my baby down and out. I felt little to no gain during the second stage of the labour where I was able to push Ana out during three consecutive contractions, one after another. It was an amazing experience.

Given this was my second and possibly my last birthing experience; it was in complete contrast to my first birthing experience with our first daughter Jana. Our first birth experience comprised of an induction followed by a forceps delivery 36 hours later.


Thank you so much for your teachings, encouragement and support for calm birthing.  Keep up the great work.

Kind Regards,