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Larissa, Tony and Alexander

Larissa, Public Servant, aged 31

"My name is Larissa I am 31 years old and am a public servant. My husband and I sought out Tracey’s Calmbirth ® workshop as I had an old hairdresser that had worked with Tracey and I was so impressed with her attitude towards the birth of her first child. I wanted to feel that confident too.

During my pregnancy with our first child, everything was so new and sometimes confusing I found there were always people willing to tell me their birth horror stories as if this was a rite of passage and I must dread it as much as they did. As this began to occur more and more as my pregnancy progressed the more concerned I became.

I really believed that in order to have a birth that connected with my husband and my unborn child I needed more information and some level of reassurance.


The first time I contacted Tracey I was at work and we ended up talking for 20 minutes!. Immediately I knew I had found the person that my husband and I needed to help us prepare for the birth of our first child. I suppose if I was honest I wasn’t sure if I could cope with a natural birth I have a very low pain threshold and the more stories people told me the more frightened I became. However I had a vision of a birth experience where I was in control and I was very aware of my husband’s presence and also able to enjoy the experience of my first child entering the world.


The calmbirth programme was fantastic we attended a weekend workshop with three other couples. We worked through what happens during birth and how a female body is created for the act of birth, this both amazed and excited me as you know this is the case but seeing Tracey outline it so clearly really increased my confidence in myself and belief in what my own body was capable of.

We did a lot of breathing and relaxation exercises during this weekend and this is what got me through my labour, they are truly fantastic. We also had the opportunity to watch some footage of previous parents who had used the programme and watching one very excited mother of about my age really excited me. Then and there I decided that was what I wanted to emulate to be so excited to go through the experience because at the other end you get to meet this fantastic little person who has been a part of you for so long.


I actually amazed myself during my own labour even though there were some complications that I didn’t plan on, like being induced I spoke with Tracey beforehand and then I just went for it.

I had a beautifully calm labour even though it all took part in hospital, just me and my husband together for practically the entire time, resulting in the birth of my beautiful son Alexander.

I would highly recommend this program to everyone as you get so much more out of your birth and it also helps you really connect with your partner as the programme is really clear about what can happen and creates a clear role for your partner.

Thankyou again Tracey, look forward to seeing you again before the next one arrives."


Larissa, Tony and Alexander.