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Anna, Preschool Director, aged 42

"I was pregnant with my first child at 40. My fears were that I might be too old to have a natural childbirth and that my scoliosis may be an issue. However, my doctor assured me age was not a concern and my spine never felt better (thanks to those pregnancy hormones).


I prepared myself physically by continuing with my daily yoga practice, walking and other gentle exercise. I prepared myself mentally by learning as much as I could about pregnancy and birth and through using creative visualisation, affirmations and having a positive attitude towards the birth.

I also had a counselling session to help build my confidence for the birth and dissipate my fear. Writing a birth plan also helped my husband and I prepare for the birth. The birth plan helped us realise what we wanted, and to communicate what we wanted to hospital staff and to be prepared and flexible for any possible outcomes. I also wrote a spiritual birth plan just for us.


My labour was 56 hours long. Our baby was in posterior position which meant labour progressed slowly and contractions caused intense pain in my lower back. The calmbirth program helped increase our confidence to say yes or no and to make decisions about our options, especially when things got intense.

The greatest challenge I had to overcome was to accept I was not going to have an intervention free, natural childbirth like I envisioned.  After 46 hours, I agreed to have an epidural, which was followed by artificial rupture of my membrane, then a syntonicin drip.  8 hours later my baby was born with forceps.

I remember breathing love and oxygen to my baby during the birthing between each contraction, which we learned in calmbirth. I think his may have helped him remain stable and not become distressed.Anna


Calmbirth ® helped us to further develop a positive approach to the birth and to see it as something to look forward to. Learning about the fear-tension-pain connection helped me understand more about the process and understand the importance of being relaxed and ‘letting go’ to trust my body to do what it was designed to do. Very importantly, Calmbirth ® helped define David’s part in the birthing. He went into the birth knowing his primary role as protector of my space, which made me feel more at ease."