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Jane, Mum/naturopathic herbalist/freelance writer, aged 36

"When I became pregnant, I found that most of the available information seemed to centre on avoiding all the things that could go wrong either during the pregnancy or the birth. There were things it had never even occurred to me could be a problem - like eating cheese; or worse - some kind of problem with the baby I might not even be aware of. It was a time that should have been spent feeling loving and loved, and instead I was afraid of so many things. And at the end (beginning!) of it all there was the birth - how was I going to get through that?! I knew I wanted a natural birth.

The Calmbirth ® course was great in providing an alternative perspective on birth to what was otherwise available. The physiological information was useful, and it was good to have a space where what I wanted from a birth was acknowledged as possible, and supported. I learnt to trust myself and my feelings inside more. And - the best thing - I met two great friends who it has been a joy to share a new passion - parenting - with.

In the end, I couldn't describe my birth experience as calm, nor as remotely resembling what I wanted. It's a time when you need experienced and supportive people around you, particularly for a first birth, and I didn't have that. I wasn't prepared for the pressures from medical folk, and I didn't have anyone there to help me through the times when I lost focus or to address a particular fear that surfaced. I did find the Calmbirth ® breathing techniques useful.


I would recommend Calmbirth ® to anyone having a baby - it's about what birth can and should be, regardless of what course the actual events on the day take."