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"I can't help thinking that all the preparation, listening to the CD's, visualising, reading (childbirth without fear) and positive thoughts and affirmations each day certainly made an amazing birth experience for me." Laura


"The Calmbirth program assisted me greatly with the birth of my first child, Holly. Calmbirth® helped me relax during the birth and the breathing techniques were instrumental, I feel, in making the birth quick and easy. I strongly recommend the program as it encourages women to listen to, and assist their bodies, to birth their babies." Jenny, 31, P/T Event Manager and mum

"I am so happy to say that Finn's birth was a wonderful and empowering experience. It was intense, fast and challenging but worth every second of it when Finn was placed on my chest. And you have a lot to do with that, so I thank you.

Thanks again for all your support Tracey." Amber

"Thanks again for everything Tracey I am really looking forward to my next baby and I forgot to tell you that the Doctor gave me lots of kudos for using calmbirth® and said she really didn’t believe how it would go and was very surprised and amazed at how I coped throughout and how calm I was through the whole thing". Melissa


"Jane had the baby, HENDRIX PATRICK on Thursday. It went really well, with mammalian states and flowering uteruses (uteri, uterisis, er whatever). She went from 4cm dilated to having the boy in her arms in less than 20 minutes, which was very efficient, everyone agreed. Thanks so much for your help and guidance, it was invaluable, and made the birth a really positive experience. More importantly, the months leading up to it were much more relaxed and peaceful, thanks to your classes." Guy

"The partnership between my baby and the natural process of by body is such a gift. As you often say, "Just let it unfold as it was meant to". Nell

"My partner was absolutely fantastic, he talked me through the waves which were so intense but not painful. I can see how if you were to get a bit panicky and felt out of control labour could be very painful and scary as your body just takes over. But thanks to the breathing and visualisation techniques I was able to remain calm and just surrender to it." Kate

"In the end a 3 ½ hour labour no drugs, no tearing and an absolutely beautiful boy who has just stolen our hearts. The only tears that flowed were from the emotional experience of bringing our son into the world." Ali

"The doctor and the two midwives marvelled at how controlled I was throughout the whole process, especially when I took to smiling during the waves.(contractions)" Jennifer

"The response I received from other mothers when I spoke of my beautiful birth experience was " You were just lucky! " and "Your labour and birth was not as bad as mine".

None of them seemed to appreciate that with the right preparation and right attitude they too could have a similar birth experience" Bernadette

"Discussion which took place in calmbirth® class on remaining calm, despite the path your birth experience takes, was priceless" Gemma

"Your course has been a turning point in my journey as a mother. The attitudes and ideas planted during the weekend as well as the skills taught allowed me to have the birth I wanted." Anna

"I was really focused and breathing and found that whenever I remembered to laugh during the waves (contractions) I would not even feel them. I believe that it was the most powerful anaesthetic…. My partner was always there for me, it was amazing to experience this feeling of birthing our baby together, as if we were one mind, one heart and one soul." Tati

"The calmbirth® course really helped us as a family to work together to make the most life changing experience such a beautiful and memorable one." Jennifer

"I have never witnessed anything quite so impressive both physically and mentally. At times our midwife had to rouse my partner, as we thought she had drifted off into unconsciousness, but was actually in a very relaxed state and the endorphins were certainly at work. Don’t get me wrong, it never appeared as a walk in the park but as my partner summarised after the natural delivery of our beautiful baby girl, "That was not painful, it was hard work and intense pressure but not pain". Dave


"I remember you asking the question " I wonder how you will perceive the physical feeling of birthing". To that I would say the waves (contractions) felt like an intense period cramp…. So not pain but more than pressure. Sometimes it took by breathe away but once I concentrated on my breathing it was manageable. It was interesting in the hospital because they kept offering me pain killers. I was never in pain and therefore always declined." Ali