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The birth of Kendall

"Hi Tracey,

Just wanting to let you know that we welcomed the early and safe arrival of our beautiful little boy, Kendall Jack (born 1.50pm, 2.7kg, 45cm length and HC 35cm).

As we discussed I was booked in for a CS due to me having placenta previa. We couldn't have asked for a more relaxed and calm birth with medical intervention. I practiced the calm breathing and visualisation everyday leading up to the elective CS. Even on the actual day I brought my MP3 player and listened to the calm breathe 1/2 before going into having our baby. While they were getting me ready for the CS I focused on my special place in nature and did the calm breathe. When it was time for me to have the spinal block I increased my deep breathing and went even deeper into myself. John told me later that the anesthic nurse made the comment to him that I would be a great case example for other women having a CS on how to remain relaxed during a spinal block.

Although I was unable to breastfeed Kendall during the procedure (ie I became quite nausea's) John held him close to me and I got to talk to him. I managed to breastfeed in recovery and the hospital midwives were very supportive in getting Kendall and I to spend loads of skin and skin time. I practiced the calm breathe several times whilst in hospital but unlike prior to having Kendall I fell asleep. Now that we are home I have yet again used the calm breathe during the late night feeds to help settle Kendall (although I must say for what he has been through he is a really relaxed baby)."