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Matt, Kerry & Gemma

"Kerry went into Labour naturally at ~10pm Wednesday, we arrived at the John James hospital at 3am. With the calm birth Cd playing in the background we managed the surges/waves/contractions by walking & keeping moving in the delivery room with much swaying & focused deep breathing during the most intense periods. At ~6am Kerry’s legs were quite tired so she jumped into the bath & floated (entered a zone) until ~8:30am.

This is where we believe the transition phase took place as Kerry began questioning herself & began seeking pain relief. However she managed to refocus & concentrate on her breathing & positive affirmations (i.e. my body is designed for this) / visualisation & soon enough pushing sensations began. Kerry jumped out of the bath for a closer inspection of progress by the doctor. It was nice for everyone to hear that she was fully dilated & the membrane had ruptured…..so pushing began at ~9am. At about 11:30 there had been little progress (being 9 days overdue Gemma’s head was that fraction too big). This stage was extremely slow going as we tried numerous positions to help open the pelvis. Exhaustion began to fill the room as contractions were slowing with a very tired Kerry & her very tired uterus. A change in position suggested by the doctor & the use of vacuum suction together with some well earned encouragement saw some rapid progress. Gemma was delivered following 5-6 contractions at 12:08pm with a very relieved Mum & Dad."

"In the end it was a fantastic & special experience as we welcomed Gemma into the world. We managed to stick to our birth plan & Kerry did an amazing job with no pain relief during labour. Gemma is sleeping well and is a very calm & placid baby. Thanks again for the calm birth course & introducing us to some extremely valuable tools, methods & practices which we found most useful during Gemma’s birth."

Lots of love,


Matt, Kerry & Gemma