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"Over the past few days, I've been thinking about what was my mental/emotional turning point during the pregnancy. I believe the Birth Rehersal on Calmbirth Disc 2 had the most influence on me. At first I would listen to it with very little visualisation but within a few weeks I began to construct my labour/birth in my mind. Each time, I would see it more clearly & began to 'feel' how I wanted it to feel. Emotionally, I was moving from being a 'IVF patient' to a woman about to birth her baby.

Initially, I had low expectations of the Calmbirth preparations yet I did make the commitment to myself to really give it a go. I often read over the class notes & listened to the CD everyday.

Every woman is so different in their experiences; but I guess the common factor with IVF is that it is one big unknown. It's a process of probability which can leave you feeling powerless. I'm so glad I learnt that birth is not like that. I worked on replacing my doubts with positive messages and then I came to truly believe them!!

I am proud to own a beautiful memory of birthing my son. I would hope that many other IVF couples can have the same experience."