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Leigh and Ranga

Ranga and I did the calmbirth weekend course in May.

Our beautiful son Poson was born on 7 June at the birth centre. The birth was a great success - I breathed my way through 11hrs of contractions (although I'd had intermittant contractions for the 24hrs leading up to the labour so I was quite tired). When I was 8cms Poson was quite far up the birthing canal and our midwife Tash suggested I sit with my legs apart trying to ease his way down. 3hrs later when she did the next VE I was 10cms and Poson was right at the end of the canal ready to come out! Stage 2 lasted 27minutes and Tash said I did a great job of breathing him down.

Ranga was a wonderful support and a few days later he told me that his bum was numb from sitting on the edge of the bed for 3hrs massaging my back while I was in front of him on the birthing stool leaning into him. He didn't dare move or try to get a pillow!

Thanks for your support and wisdom of calmbirth. I had a great time in the 4 weeks leading up to the birth doing a CD track every day using deep yoga breathing. I'd like to try to continue doing the relaxation .. I just have to find the time!


Best wishes