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Tracey Anderson Askew

I would love to share this incredible work with you because I have seen it make a difference to the lives of so many families.

Diploma Teaching, Bachelor of Education, Graduate Diploma of Childbirth Education, Calmbirth ® Practitioner, Advanced Psych-K Facilitator of Sub Conscious Change.

My greatest achievement - Mother of Four Sons

For many years I worked in the community as a Childbirth educator and Birth Support Person, providing programs to prepare people for the experience of having their babies and becoming parents. Whilst I was aware that the information and experiences I provided were of great benefit to the couples, I was acutely aware that information and preparation would most certainly go out the window, when the big day arrives, as the people who were most likely to influence the birthing couple were the care givers on the day – and their ideas, belief systems and practices were as varied as the people that attended my classes. As they walked out the door I would silently cross my fingers and hope for the very best for them, myself wondering if I has set up any unrealistic expectations, or ideas that would prove useless to them on the day. I became quite disillusioned and was almost prepared to give up on my passion for supporting couples through the doorway to parenthood, when I came across Peter Jackson’s program Calmbirth ®.



I enrolled in Peter's very first calmbirth® practitioner training program February 2006. I now support Peter in the training of Facilitators and run calmbirth® programs in the Canberra region full time. Calmbirth® provided me with the understanding of how to empower couples to completely know and trust the process of birth. Calmbirth® has become my passion in supporting babies and families to be born joyfully and calmly.

I absolutely love what I do, as I watch people change from being anxious and fearful about having their baby, to excited. What we learn in Calmbirth ® translates into any aspect of life, particularly the journey of parenting. Both men and women benefit enormously from the experience.