December 10, 2017

About Us

Having a baby is one of those peak life experiences that becomes etched in the psyche of every woman who becomes a mother. This is true, whether it is your first, second, third, fourth baby and so on. How we birth sets us up for our road to the bigger job of parenting, and therefore it is important we prepare and bring as much of ourselves to the day regardless of what happens. That’s what we do in Calmbirth – we help you to unlock that innate potential.

Calmbirth was developed in 2005 by a midwife with over 20 years of experience and continues to be updated and refined by health professionals who work actively in this field and are committed to the latest scientific evidence within the fields of mind-body medicine, biology and psychology. Since then we have worked with over 24000 couples, and have approximately 100 Educators in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

It is not an easy time preparing for birth. There is much conflicting information and advice from well meaning individuals. It is hard to know who to listen to and what choices need to be made. We have made it much easier for you, by bringing together all of the elements that support women to birth better, even if she needs help, in all types of birthing scenarios.

These are the things that will change your labour and birth, making it more manageable and enjoyable:
  • We help you to understand how it all works together, the mind, the body, the breath and your ability to work with labour not against it.
  • We give you practices that help you to train your mind and body to travel the path of least resistance. This involves reframing fears and adopting beliefs around birth that will support you to labour better. Fear is one of the biggest culprits in making labour harder and more painful.
  • We provide your partner with a really clear role in supporting you, and helping to alleviate their own fears by recognising just how important a role they can play.
  • We support you to communicate with your midwife or doctor, by asking the right questions and becoming an active participant in the decisions that need to be made.
  • We have incorporated 6 evidence-based complementary medicine techniques: acupressure, visualisation and relaxation, breathing, massage, movement and positioning, and facilitated partner support. (references, two studies) These complementary therapies for labour and birth significantly reduce epidural use and caesarean section. 
  • We help you to understand more about your baby and what they need when they are born, promoting more seamless bonding and welcoming them with love and understanding.

Megan and Tracey are incredibly passionate about what they do, and know from working with over 2000 couples what a difference this type of preparation makes. We look forward to working with you during this special time.