December 10, 2017

About Us

How is Calmbirth different?

Calmbirth was developed in 2005 by a midwife with over 20 years of experience and continues to be updated and refined by health professionals who work actively in this field and are committed to the latest scientific evidence within the fields of mind-body medicine, biology and psychology. Calmbirth has worked with over 24,000 couples, and has approximately 100 Educators in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Calmbirth is based on leading evidence around the mind, body medicine and other disciplines like psychology, cellular biology, nuro-science and many other disciplines. It also utilises the skills and knowledge of proven alternative therapies which have been widely utilised during birth that have been proven to lower the need of intervention.

What Calmbirth does best is to help women and their partners change their stress response which is the same part of the nervous system that dictates the birth process. 

Our 2 most unique and powerful tools to do this are our model of breathing which is based on the psysiological understanding of how to get the most oxygen out of each breath and debunking the many myths of what good breathing is. We also utilise the theraputic model of subconsious mind change which has proven to be highly effective in transforming womens fears into more useful thinking

About Calmbirth in Canberra

One of the things Tracey from Calmbirth Canberra is most proud about is the reputation of Calmbirth Canberra for a quality program and an exceptional experience. 

Our educators are always updating their knowledge and reviewing their approach and delivery. We are always continuing to develop ourselves as leading health professionals and in our work as educators. 

You educator will also make herself available to you for as long as you need, you have become part of the Calmbirth Canberra family and we want the very best for you. 

Calmbirth Canberra also offers a network of other complementary healthcare providers that you may want to access as you prepare for the birth and after the birth of your baby.

Having a baby is one of those peak life experiences that becomes etched in the psyche of every woman who becomes a mother. This is true, whether it is your first, second, third, fourth baby and so on. Pregnancy and how we birth sets us up for our road to the bigger job of parenting, and therefore it is important to prepare and bring as much of ourselves to the day regardless of what happens. That’s what we do at Calmbirth Canberra – we help you to unlock that innate potential within you.

It is not an easy time during pregnancy to prepare for birth. There is so much conflicting information and advice from well meaning individuals. It is hard to know who to listen to and what choices need to be made. Here at Calmbirth Canberra we have made it much easier for you, by bringing together all of the elements that support women to birth better (even if she needs help) in all types of birthing scenarios.

These are the things that will change your labour and birth, making it more manageable and enjoyable:
  • We help you to understand how it all works together, the mind, the body, the breath and your ability to work with labour, not against it.
  • We give you practices that help you to train your mind and body to travel the path of least resistance. This involves reframing fears and adopting beliefs around birth that will support you to labour better. Fear is one of the biggest culprits in making labour harder and more painful.
  • We provide your partner with a really clear role in supporting you, helping to alleviate their own fears by recognising just how important a role they can play.
  • We support you to communicate with your midwife or doctor, by asking the right questions and becoming an active participant in the decisions that need to be made during pregnancy and birth.
  • We have incorporated 6 evidence-based complementary medicine techniques: acupressure, visualisation and relaxation, breathing, massage, movement and positioning, and facilitated partner support. These complementary therapies for labour and birth significantly reduce epidural use and caesarean section. 
  • We help you to understand more about your baby and what they need when they are born, promoting more seamless bonding and welcoming them with love and understanding.
  • We continue to send you and provide access to high quality local Canberra services, information and resources to support your planning, readiness to birth and parenthood.

Tracey, Megan and Kellie, at Calmbirth Canberra, are incredibly passionate about what they do, and know from working with over 2000 couples what a difference this type of preparation makes during pregnancy.

Can You Do Calmbirth Online?

If calmbirth was only about giving couples good information, then yes, we could do it online. But our overall goal is to change the overall culture of fear around birth and for that to happen we need women to experience birth free of fear. 

Helping women to change their response to fear is only the first step. Changing a womens response to the labour process requires experiences and practices to train your body and mind to respond differently.

We could demonstrate these skills online, but practising these skills with your partner with support and supervision from your educator turns it from a concept to a practical experience which is more likely to be utilised on the day of your birth. 

Calmbirth is not just good solid evidence based information it really is an experience. So we believe strongly that doing Calmbirth online would dilute its effectiveness. 

About Your Educators

Tracey Anderson Askew

For many years Tracey worked in the community as a Childbirth educator and Birth Support Person, providing programs to prepare people for the experience of having their babies and becoming parents. Whilst being aware that the information and experiences she provided were of great benefit to the couples, she was acutely aware that information and preparation would most certainly go out the window, when the big day arrived. See believed the people who were most likely to influence the birthing couple were the care givers on the day, their ideas, belief systems and practices were as varied as the people that attended the classes.

As the couples walked out the door Tracey would silently cross her fingers and hope the very best for them, wondering if she had set up any unrealistic expectations, or ideas that would prove useless to them on the day. Tracey became quite disillusioned and was almost prepared to give up on her passion for supporting couples through the doorway to parenthood, when she came across Peter Jackson’s program – Calmbirth.

Tracey enrolled in Peter’s very first Calmbirth practitioner training program in February of 2006. Now, she supports Peter in the training of Facilitators and runs Calmbirth programs in the Canberra region full time. Calmbirth provided her with the understanding of how to empower couples to completely know and trust the process of birth. This has become her passion in supporting babies and families to be born joyfully and calmly.

Tracey absolutely loves what she does, as she watches people change from being anxious and fearful about having their baby, to excited, this fuels her passion and becomes excited with them. What is taught in Calmbirth translates into any aspect of life, particularly the journey of parenting. Both men and women benefit enormously from the experience.

Kellie Hamilton

Kellie is a midwife with more than 20 years’ experience. She is dedicated to helping couples navigate the transformative process of becoming parents, in their own unique way.

Over the years she has been privileged to witness many amazing births and, as a midwife, supported couples who attended Calmbirth courses. Instantly noticing that these couples laboured and birthed differently; more smoothly, calmly, even joyfully, it has long been a goal of mine to learn the secrets of Calmbirth.

She is inspired to teach Calmbirth as it allows her to share this wonderful knowledge; that women can birth beautifully, as nature intended, when they are informed and prepared. Calmbirth classes are not only relevant for pregnancy, labour and birth but provide new skills for life. Her passion for sharing, supporting and empowering couples enables them to create positive birth experiences, no matter where or how they are accomplished.