May 21, 2018


Tracey’s passion for the Calmbirth program is obvious and it comes out in her delivery of the course. She exudes warmth and kindness from the very beginning, with her greeting us at the entrance. We really enjoyed her presenting style and interesting and enthusiastic story-telling. The course was great, the content well-delivered.
It might seem unconstructive to give 5 stars across everything, but we had no expectations coming into Calmbirth and were really impressed with the course. Whilst we haven’t given birth yet, the classes have already helped me feel more empowered, confident, capable and calm leading up to the birth. You’ve planted the seed to help change my mindset and feel ready for what lays ahead. Calmbirth has also had an immediate positive impact on my marriage, since doing the course, my beautiful husband has been much more supportive (not that he wasn’t already) but it has helped us feel more united, has helped us make decisions together and has given him some really practical tools to involve him in the process. I couldn’t recommend Calmbirth enough, and I’m actually looking forward to the birthing process now. Tracey, thank you so much for helping me build my confidence up to prepare for and enjoy this experience.
Tracey was excellent! Her non-judgemental approach and calm open demeanour created a beautiful atmosphere where we felt comfortable and receptive. I think the course is particularly important for partners and I loved how Tracey engaged them and made them take notes!! I would absolutely recommend this course and am looking forward to the next instalment – Calm Parenting!
Tracey and the Calm Birth teachings are a MUST for all parents-to-be, regardless of whether it’s your 1st or 5th baby! It will empower you to make decisions that are right for YOU and your baby, and the strength and wisdom to guide others to facilitate that experience. Couldn’t recommend highly enough and I am eternally grateful to Tracey for her love during and after the birth of our son.
I can’t thank you enough for your passion and commitment to Calm Birth. The experience was very special for my partner and I in many ways. We have always been interested in the mind-body connection and calming ourselves to better our lives but your course reinforced and increased that interest tenfold. Over those two days you armed us. We walked in doubtful and almost victimized and left armed and empowered. Instead of feeling uneasy about the birth we are welcoming it as our chance to perform. Just like a well trained athlete. We both love that you absolutely love what you do. It showed in every way and was contagious to the group. Thank you so much for making us family. We hope we can continue to connect in other ways in the future through your breathing courses or other things you might offer.
Calmbirth is a fantastic, empowering course. It allowed my partner and I to learn about the birthing process in a really positive way, removing fear and anxieties we had from pre-conceived ideas and tales told by others. I strongly recommend taking the time to do this course so that you too can learn the simple steps which can allow you to have a more positive labour experience and continue the cycle of sharing positive labour stories with others.

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